Tim Schulte and his family have planted AgSource/NuTech since the begining of the company in 1994.  They signed up to be one of the first AgSource dealers. Tim has a good sales record through the years and grows some the best crops in Buffalo county.  Tim and his wife Shanna have two sons. Tim along with his father Robert and brother Jeremy farm and have a cow-calf operation.  They also have a registered Angus herd and sell bulls throughout the state.  Shanna is the program director for the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce.

Derrick Day of Loup City started planting AgSource in the early 2000's and became a dealer shortly after seeing his yields that next fall.  Derrick has rapidly grown his seed business over the last several years, and is currently one of NuTech's largest dealers.  Derrick raises corn, soybeans and alfalfa, as well as having a cow-calf operation.  Derrick does custom harvest and spraying, and has distillers trucks that deliver to many feedlots/farmers in central Nebraska. Derrick is also involved with his family business The Loup City Commission Company.  His grandfather, the late Billy Day, purchased the sale barn in 1999. Derrick and his wife Kelsey, a registered nurse, have a son and daughter and live in the Loup City area.

Jason Stark has worked for NuTech/AgSource since 1999.  He started selling seed in college to help cover living expenses (beer money).  When Jason got out of college in the early 2000's, he started selling full time for AgSource. His sales grew every year, but they exploded after ProAccess/Dupont bought NuTech. With the Dupont germplasm introduced to the NuTech lineup, all of a sudden NuTech had elite Western irrigated hybrids with excellent disease packages and stress tolerance.  Since the purchase of NuTech by ProAccess/Dupont, Jason has become the largest dealer in the NuTech organization.  Jason and his wife Amanda, who teaches middle school math at Gibbon, also farm and have a cow-calf operation North of Pleasanton with their two sons and one daughter.​

About Cutting Edge Seed & Chemical

James Psota of Ord started planting and selling AgSource from its beginning in 1994 He is one of NuTech’s longest tenured dealers.  James has an excellent sales track record over the years and is one of NuTech’s largest dealers.  James farms in the Ord area along with having a cow-calf operation.  James and his wife, Sandy, have three sons, Taygen, Bob, and David. Sandy is city clerk for the city of Burwell. 

Gavin Jager and his family have planted AgSource/NuTech since the early 2000's. Gavin came back to the farm after college, and started selling NuTech in 2013 after seeing how well it had performed on his family farm throughout the years.  Gavin has grown his operation each year and has become one of the largest dealers in NuTech. Gavin and his dad Greg and uncle Jon have a crop insurance business, sell composite Simmental bulls, along with farming in the Hazard and Ravenna areas.

Tom Foster has a farming operation near Greeley, Nebraska, along with his father, Mick. Together they farm row crops, have a cow-calf operation, operate a construction business, and run a custom farming business.  Upon moving back to Greeley, Tom started planting NuTech. Tom was impressed with the plant health, stalk stability, stress tolerance, and high yields leading him to decide to not only grow NuTech Seed but to sell it as well.​  Prior to returning to the family farm in 2010, Tom worked as a superintendent for Sampson Construction, a full-service commercial construction company based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tom earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from University of Nebraska at Kearney, and his Associates degree in Building Construction from Northeast Community College. Tom’s wife Lacey shares his passion for farming, and is currently a Parts & Service Development Manager for Case New Holland Industrial covering CNH dealers across the Midwest.

Gavin Jager being honored as the 2017 Most Valuable Dealer
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Goochey being honored as the 2016 Most Valuable Dealer

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Eric "Sherm" Goochey, his Dad Calvin, and his brother Alex have planted Agsourse/NuTech since it started in 1994.  After some persuasion from Jason, Sherm decided to become a dealer in 2008.  Sherm has grown his business steadily since 2008, and continues to grow every year. This growth is due greatly to NuTech being bought by ProAccess/Dupont, which has opened up many new doors for seed genetics.  Sherm is currently one of NuTech's largest dealers and has goals to improve his numbers every year.  Sherm and his wife Lendi have two sons and one daughter.  Along with being a committed husband and father, he is also very active in his community with the youth and various fund raising projects. Sherm, his Dad, and his Brother farm in the Johnstown/Ainsworth area where they are proud to raise their family.

Terry Stark has been in the seed industry for 30 years, and has been with NuTech/AgSource since 1994. In 1994, he along with Ken Rose, Hollis Oelmann, and others started AgSource Seed.  AgSource had record growth with a reputation for having reasonably priced seed and top performance. In the early 2000's, AgSource and NuTech merged together to leverage their volume.  AgSource sold soybeans, but was primarily a corn company. Conversely, NuTech sold corn, but was primarily a soybean company.  The merger went extremely well.  So much so, that ProAccess/Dupont bought NuTech five years after the merger. Since the purchase, NuTech's sales in Nebraska have almost doubled. Terry's district is currently one of the largest districts within NuTech. Terry and his wife Drucie also farm and have a cow-calf operation south of Hazard. They have one son and three daughters. ​

Cutting Edge Seed & Chemical receiving Largest Dealer award at NuTech award ceremony
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Cutting Edge Seed and Chemical was founded in the summer of 2014 by the group listed below, all of which are in the seed industry.

Being from the seed industry gives Cutting Edge a huge advantage over your normal coop or chemical retailer.  This is because selling seed is a completely different selling experience than chemical it is all based on relationships, having great products, getting to know the

farmers and their individual farms, and putting these all together with a fair price.​


NuTech came out with a program called "Pair up to Out Perform" that is based on buying NuTech seed and Dupont chemicals together. By doing this, the farmer receives a rebate on the chemicals. This program got the group thinking about providing Dupont chemicals along with other brands to their large customer base.  Combining this group of dealers/farmers and culminating their acres allows Cutting Edge greater buying power to get you, the farmer, a better price.  Cutting Edge, with this core group of dealers, also farm and have a good knowledge base about the products they represent because they use them on their own farms. 

Cutting Edge along with NuTech Seed also carry a full lineup of forages, tritacallie, rye, wheat seed, and cover crops.